Monday, March 16, 2009

Publix Sneak Peek: 3/18 - 3/24 Chattanooga (3/19-3/25 in Other Areas)

The sneak peek is up early this week at HotCouponWorld! Stay tuned for a list of the sale items and coupon match-ups!

BOGO Deals:

Kelloggs cereal assorted varieties, special k, 11.4-14 oz, special k grab n go, 6 ct. 5.2 or 5.4 oz, raisin bran 20 oz, or all bran, 13.2 to 18.3 oz box Save up to 3.99

Fast fixin' chicken breast niggets or tenders, popcorn chicken or fries, 23 to 32 oz pkg Save up to 5.99

Florida grape tomatoes 1 pt. pkg Save up to 2.50

Trop50 orange juice no pulp with calcium, some pulp, or no pulp, with reduced sugar and calories, 59 oz ctn. Save up to 3.79

Post cereal selects, 13 to 16 oz, grape nuts 17 or 24 oz, grape nuts flakes 18 oz, or trail mix crunch 17 oz Save up to 4.19

Quaker oatmeal to go breakfast bars or baked or muffin bars or breakfast cookies assorted varieties, 7.83 to 12.6 oz box Save up to 3.19

Knorr sides assorted varities 4 to 6.4 oz pkg. Save up to 1.49

Ocean spray 100% cranberry juice assorted varieties, 64 oz bottle Save up to 3.99

Ocean Spray on the go drink mix assorted varieties, 10 ct. box (sticks only) Save up to 2.99

Dole fruit, gel, or parfait bowls assorted varieties, 4 pk. 4 or 4.3 oz cup Save up to 2.35

Hamburger helper or chicken or tuna helper Save up to 1.59

Betty crocker supermoist cake mix assorted varieties, 18 to 19.5 oz box excluding angel food and pound cake Save up to 1.59

Bumble bee prime fillet solid white albacore gourmet tuna in water 4 pk 5 oz can Save up to 7.49

Ken's steak house dressing assorted varieties 24 oz bottle save up to 3.4*9

Lawry's 30 minute marinade assorted varieties 12 oz bottle save up to 2.85

Lipton tea bags assorted varieties 18 or 20 ct box save up 3.29

Canada dry, 7UP, or A&W or diet rite 2 liter Save up to 1.79

Keebler cookies asst varieties, fudge shoppe, e l fudge, or dipping delites, 8.5 to 15 oz pkg save up to 3.49

Entenmanns little bites asst varieties 5.6 to 11 oz box save up to 4.29

Eclipse gum or orbit, asst varieties, sugarfree, 60 ct container save up to 3.29

Nabisco honey maid grahams asst varieties 14.1 or 14.4 oz box save up to 3.99

Smart balance spread asst varieties 13 or 15 oz or 2 pk 7.5 oz tub or spray,8 oz bottle save up to 2.79

Yoplait yogurt asst varieties 4 pk, 4 oz cup save up to 2.50

Lenders bagels asst varieties, 12 or 16.5 oz bag, found in the frozen food section save up to 1.99

TGIFriday's complete skillet meals asst varieties 24 oz bag save up to 7.99

Kashi all natural entree asst varities 10 oz box save up to 2.99

Publix hydro cream reg or plus 1 oz box save up to 3.99

Lysol sanitizing wipes disinfects, pre moistened towelettes,80 ct canister save up to 4.99

Spray n wash laundry stain remover advanced or max with resolve power, 4.3 oz stick save up to 2.99

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