Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Good News Fairy is Here!

Hello to all you Coupon Queens in Chattanooga!

I was checking out some different blogs yesterday and I found another Chattanoogan who loves coupon shopping. I noticed on her Publix post that she used a Walgreens RR at the Publix in Ooltewah. Now we know that the Publix on East Brainered will only accept other major grocery stores as competitors, so I asked her about the Ooltewah store. This was her reply:

Hey Heather!
The Publix in Ooltewah just started taking them this week. I ask the cashier during check-out yesterday and she said they are taking all competitor's coupons now as long as it is a major brand and not a store brand. I wish I would have had some with me but oh well I know now for next week! It will be only another 15 minutes or so up the road for you to come to Ooltewah.

Check out her shopping trip HERE!

So guess what?!?! I'm headin' to Ooltewah for my next Publix shopping trip!

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