Monday, March 16, 2009

I Just Won the Twitter 20. Will You be Next?

Search & Win
You all know how much I love SwagBucks, but I love it even more now that I am the most recent winner of the Twitter20! What am I going on about, you ask?

SwagBucks is a search engine, much like Google, only it PAYS you to search! I have gotten $40 in Amazon Gift Cards in the last 2 months. And thanks to the Twitter20 contest, I am 20 SwagBucks richer and almost at $45 in gift cards!

New to the whole SB thing? No problem. Just follow these easy steps and you'll be well on your way to earning FREE gift cards and other prizes:

1. Sign up with SwagBucks HERE - you'll be given 3 SBs just for joining!
2. Use the search engine provided through SwagBucks to start winning right away! The results come from google and, so you always get good results.
3. Become a fan of SwagBucks on Facebook and Twitter, and follow their blog - when SB is giving out bonus SwagBucks, you'll find them there!
4. Refer your friends to SB! You'll earn what they earn, up to 100 points per friend!
5. Keep on doing those searches for MORE wins!

Sign up at Twitter HERE. Once you've joined, go to your home page and type something in the box that says "what are you doing?" (Called "Tweeting"). Every time you update, be sure to add "#swagbucks" to the end of your tweet. You can say something like "Oh I sure hope I win the Twitter20 today - #swagbucks" or "I hope the sun comes out soon - #swagbucks" ... or anything your little heart desires! Every night, The Swag Guy will search for all tweets that include #swagbucks, and choose among them for a winner.

Good Luck and Happy Searching!!!

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