Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Another Day, Another Dollar ... Saved, That Is!

My sister and nephew are up visiting from Atlanta this week, so my mom suggested a fun-filled day at the Chattanooga Zoo. While a bit small in comparison to the Atlanta and Knoxville Zoos, this 6 acre jungle is the perfect size for children of all ages! My two-year old nephew, Eli, was able to wander about through the entire facility without being confined to his stroller. In just under a few hours we were able to visit with all of the cuddly (and some not so cuddly!) animals - and complete our journey just short of nap time!

Admission is very reasonable at:
Adults $6
Seniors $4
Children Ages 3-15 $3
Two and Under is FREE!

We arrived today ready to pay the full admission price, but it just seems like lately we can't go anywhere without finding an unexpected deal! It turns out that Wednesdays are $1 days! My mom (Thanks a bunch Mommy!) only had to pay $3 for us three adults, and Eli was free!

The next time you're searching for a fun-filled activity to do with your little ones, just head out to the Chattanooga Zoo! The price is right, the kids will love it, and we adults get the joy of watching them squawking at rare birds and going bananas over the monkeys! It's a win-win for all!

Amanda and Eli petting the bashful donkey in the petting zoo area at the Chattanooga Zoo.

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