Thursday, July 9, 2009

Old Navy Weekly Q&A

If you've been following the craziness that is Old Navy Weekly, you know how exciting and nerve wracking it can be!!!

If you aren't sure what I'm going on about, let me just tell you... Old Navy has started a site,, where they hide some very valuable coupons. When you first start out, there are so many questions to be answered. Here is a list of Q & As that might just help you out a little bit.

Q - What is Old Navy Weekly?
A - Old Navy weekly is a site by Old Navy, promoted the old navy SuperModelquins, that has hidden coupons that you can search for, print, and share with friends. The site looks something like this:

Q - How do I get the coupons?
A - You must click around the site to get the coupons, and each week coupons are hidden in different spots. The value of the coupons varies from week to week. In past weeks, the coupons have looked something like this:

$75 off of a $100 Purchase*
30% Off
20% Off
10% Off, and so on...
*These run out FAST, and are sometimes tricky to find.

Q - What do you mean by "clicking around on the site to get a coupon?"
A - Coupons are hidden in very sneaky places throughout the page. Sometimes you have to move your mouse around and look for places where your cursor will turn into a little hand, and click on that. Often these are places that you would never think to click on, or might not even notice.

Many times ONW has even had things run across the page that you have to click on, such as a squirrel, a bouncy ball, or a parrot. It can be very tricky to get these, and can take lots of practice.

Sometimes getting the good coupons is takes than just one click. Sometimes there are multiple steps in getting them. One week you had to move a marshmallow to the hook on a fishing line. Then, when a fish appeared in the lake, you had to click on the marshmallow. The line would fly into the lake, hook the fish, and THEN you got the coupon. Tricky, huh?

Q - What do I do once I have "found" a coupon?
A - There is nothing that makes your gut sink more than realizing you have LOST a high value coupon! Once you have found a coupon you want, follow these steps:

1. Once you have found and clicked on a coupon, something will pop up on your screen which
will enable you to enter in your name and e-mail.
2. After doing so, you can either choose to gift the coupon to a friend on Facebook, or keep hunting. Either way, the coupon will automatically be added to your coupons. [You can gift a coupon AND keep one of the same value for yourself!] To gift it to a friend on facebook, click the Facebook button, and simply choose who you want to give it to. Then click the button to verify that you want to give the coupon to this person.
3. Next you will have the option to print the coupon or e-mail it to yourself.
4. If you don't gift the coupon on facebook, click "keep hunting". Once you do that you can either retreive the coupon, or keep hunting for others.
5. To retreive the coupon, click "make coupon" and simply follow the directions.

(Practice doing this before the reload, with one of the lesser value coupons, so that you know what you're doing when the time comes)

Q - When do they reload the site?
A - They reload the site about every week or so - sometimes more, sometimes less.

So since we're never sure when they're going to reload, ThriftyNorthwestMom has added a really neat chat feature to her site, where all us "hunters" can congretate. On the left hand site of her site, look for a little tab that says "chat." Click on that, and you'll find a bunch of other people who are anxiously awaiting the reload.

Someone or another is normally watching the ONW site, and when it is finally reloaded, they will ring a "bell" on the chat for all to hear! You do need to have the chat open to hear it, however. When it DOES reload, you'll be able to look for coupons. When someone on the chat finds the high value coupons, they'll usually let you know where and how to get them!

One indicator of when the site *might* update is the expiration of the current coupons. If they expire today, you can expect a reload soon. Sometimes they are tricky and do an update while current coupons are still good, so don't let that fool you!

Q - Where can I learn more about ONW?
A - To stay up-to-date on the most recent ONW news, I follow:
Twitter - Eva, Michelle, Heather, Kelly, Josh, Wesley, and Supermodelquin
Facebook - Old Navy Fan Page
M80 - Old Navy Newsroom (Not officially affiliated with ONW, but is for the most part accurate)

Helpful Tips:

-ONW can only be opened in one window/tab at a time. This makes it more fair for everyone, so that we all have a chance to get them, rather than having a few people get ALL of them!

-Only one coupon allowed per e-mail address. If you plan on getting more than one coupon, you will have to refresh the page and use a different e-mail address.

- For some reason the site reloads a few minutes faster than While others are waiting for the normal site to reload, you will get a few minutes advantage by using the media site... ;)

-Practice, Practice, Practice. The more you practice getting these coupons, the better you will get. So even if there are no high value coupons left, practice.

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