Thursday, April 9, 2009

Try This!

Welcome to 'Try This' Thursday!

My tip for this week is to save all of your receipts!

By doing so not only have I been able to make some necessary returns/exchanes, but I have been able to look back over the months and keep track of spending and savings. I also like benchmarking sales prices, so if I need a reference I can always look back to see a price I paid for something.

Did you know that saving your receipts could actually SAVE you money? Yep! I learned this the hard way.

Every once in a while a rebate will pop up for something that you have already bought. Even something you would NEVER expect to see a rebate for! Buuuuutttttt, you have to have your original sales receipt to participate in most rebate programs. Save your receipts and you will always know where to look, but don't and you'll kick yourself for missing out! I have missed several rebate offers because I just tossed all of my receipts, but now I just keep them all in a box in our office.

Ok, now that you're saving your receipts, make sure you take the initiative to get those rebates in when you do find one! Try starting with the Lysol Rebate HERE, Unilever Free Ham or Turkey Rebate HERE, and/or the Physician's Formula Rebate HERE.

Happy Thursday!

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