Thursday, April 30, 2009

Search & Earn ::: It's Not Too Good To Be True!

I've made $70 in Amazon Gift Cards in just 3 months! Wanna know how?

We all use Google (or something similar) every day to do our web searches. But do those site pay you? Probably not.

Join SwagBucks today and get paid to do something you already have to do anyway! SwagBucks uses results from Google and, so you always get relevant results.

Search & Win

Here's how it works:

1.) Join SwagBucks HERE
2.) Get 3 Bonus SwagBucks just for registering
3.) Use the SwagBucks search engine to do your searches, and win points! You won't win points for every search, but they will add up in no time!
4.) Follow the SwagBucks page on Face Book, where bonus SwagBuck codes are occasionally posted.
5.) Have fun!

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