Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Hello and welcome to Couponology 101's first post! My purpose in creating this blog is to pass on the blessings that I have received from couponing. My hopes are that, through my posts, I can help you learn how to spend a little and save A LOT!

Throughout the days and weeks to come I will be introducing features and posts to help you become better inducted into the wonderful world of couponing. Specifically - in the next few days I will be speaking to representatives from local [Chattanooga and North Georgia] grocery and drug stores about coupon policies. Keep an eye out as I post these guidelines - understanding coupon policies is one of the first rules of couponing!

I want to know what will help YOU out in your couponing adventures, so if you have any ideas that you would like me to blog about, let me know!

Thanks for joining me!

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