Tuesday, June 30, 2009


After a little hiatus, I am back. I have decided to still run the site, but no longer do the Publix match-ups. Never fear, however. I have found a site that is waaaayyyyy better than any of my Publix posts were, so I'll just direct you on over there!

I don't know how the heck she does it, but Michelle over at iheartpublix seems to have the best scoop on Publix that I have seen yet. She even manages to get those beloved sneak peeks a few weeks in advance!

Her match-ups are reliable (more so than some other sites I have seen), she is up to date on all the most recent coupon books that can be found at publix, and she even has match-ups for current Advantage Buy Fliers HERE.

I'll be sure to remind you when she has added match-ups and sneak peeks. I hope you enjoy her site. Doing match-ups takes an ungodly amount of time, so directing you over there will allow me to find and fill you in on other deals, and save me a little sanity in the process!

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